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Share Happiness Not Germs

I'm on a mission!

A mission to share happiness...

When all of this started those months ago and the seriousness of the impact that COVID-19 would have on my income really sunk in, I went into "OK, we’ll figure this out – but let’s stay positive” mode. I canceled unnecessary subscriptions, things that helped my business grow and things that I was sad to see having to be let go. I sat down and wrote out a budget - something I should have been doing all along but hadn't really worried about until recently. I had to figure out how to keep things running through this without losing everything I've worked so hard for.

I decided that now was the perfect time to learn more. Learn more about film photography, what it actually means to “push” film, to try and mimic film colors and texture (honestly, I’m yearning to be back in a darkroom!). So, I started going through my hard drives to dive – really dive – into images that I had, to go in and re-edit some favorites and realized… I had a ton of photos I had never shared anywhere!

I also realized that a lot of people are in the same boat I am. The boat of "every dollar I make could be the last dollar I make for awhile" boat. Looking through the images I started to feel a little better, they made me SMILE. Probably because I wasn't overwhelming myself with COVID news, answering texts from frantic clients, or staring at my now very empty spring calendar.

Instead, I was thinking about how pretty it is here. How Florida has some of the best sunsets and tropical life. I have so many of these images hanging on my wall!

I hope at least a few of them spark a little joy for you. You’ll also find image documenting this time in our lives; it’s stressful, painful, scary… but so important.

SO I decided that I would load these images into a "Pay What You Can" gallery

JUST FOR YOU. Download as many - or as few - as you would like. Use them on FB for covers, profile images - on your phones - or print them!



Monetary Payments can be made here:


This helps to ensure I still have some income coming in while Florida is under a mandate that says non-essential business must halt. As of now, that's until the remainder of this month - at least. This means that coming out of my "off-season" these mandates happened right when I started picking up, one of my busiest seasons for the calendar year. I haven't even allowed myself to calculate how much income I'm actually losing - I don't want to know if I'm being honest.

As of now, I’ve lost 3 months of income.

So donating $5, $10, $100, or $12,342.72 (if you're a millionaire without anywhere else to spend your money ;) ) all goes to our monthly bills right now and groceries until later this summer (hopefully) when things normalize.

I would LOVE to be tagged if you post one of the images online so I can see where they end up (FB & IG @clearwaterphotographer). If you order prints, please send me a photo of where it ends up in your home one day (this little act ALWAYS puts a smile on my face).

If you are unable to make a donation, you are still welcome to download all of them! I hope they put a smile on your face - I'll add more to it as I clean out hard drives, so save the link!

How else can you help Limboden Photography survive? You can like and comment on FB posts (truly - this is SO helpful). Like this blog post - SHARE this blog post...

Thank you - ALL of you.

For every single thing you've done to help support my family and I during this time.

From leaving goodies on the front porch to sending me encouraging texts and messages to purchasing gift cards to downloading images to sharing posts and all of the things in between. To the wife who told me that looking back through her images brought her comfort as her husband lies in an ICU bed... And thank you to the photographer friend, Victoria who so graciously shared her kindness and cleverness that put a smile on MY face!



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