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Newborn Beach Photography: Why it takes work and why it's worth it!

Updated: Feb 22

Newborn pictures are swoon worthy. Newborns are swoon worthy! Soft skin, tiny little fingers and toes... the most perfect yawns and stretches and gosh they just smell so new!

And some of the images that you see - holy macaroni they can just blow you AWAY!! And if you live on the beach doesn't it just make sense that you'd like to showcase your little beach baby ON the beach? If we had lived by the ocean when my kids were little; I would have had their newborn sessions on the shore in a heart beat - with a photographer I felt confident in of course!

So, you want to hang your new baby on driftwood - I mean, you would like to place your baby snuggled in a hammock peacefully rocking in the salty sea air... *smile*

How DO photographers DO it?

Here's a list:


  2. SAFETY!


  4. SAFETY!!

  5. We know how to utilize our Photoshop skills *we rock it! - or at least try our best!*

Did you notice a pattern there? S A F E T Y

Meet Sawyer Sage. Sawyer was born at the end of October weighing in at 5lbs and 11 oz. I met his parents for the first time during their pregnancy and we fell in love as a team and it just grew from there!

Gushing over Sawyer and all his adorableness isn't why we're here though!

OK - onnnnne more

Let's get back to the "S" word. Safety.

Every aspect of newborn photography requires safety - from handling their delicate little bodies to ensuring your hands are clean and everything in between!

I know; that's all just a given, right? True...

But what's the safest way to put a baby in a hammock tied to driftwood? You don't. You make a composite!

All hands on board! You'll notice both mom and dad holding little Sawyer. Every inch of his little body being supported.

Most images taken during this session were done in a series of three.

  • One image of the set up before they arrived (carefully marking exactly where I needed to stand for the other shots).

  • One or two images of mom and dad holding baby with the set up.

  • Post production in Photoshop to merge those images together.

The hardest part is making trying to be in the same spot for both shots!

Babies tend to jerk a lot when they are sleeping (kind of like my husband... do we not outgrow this?). Be sure someone is there to keep their hand on baby at all times!

Another series of three shots! Dad held baby secure on the left while I took a picture, then mom secured baby on the right while I took another picture... the middle image? - both images put together while keeping that adorable baby squishy stretch from the first shot!

Would you like to see more from this session? Go for it!!

(Just click the arrow on the right)

Now that you've had an inside of look of how a pretty basic newborn shoot goes - it's really pretty amazing how everything comes together isn't it? Pure magic!

And on that note - I leave you with a

"Fist-Bump Friday"

to newborn composites! Be safe out there and choose your photographers wisely!


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