• Letha Imboden

A 'Friends' Worthy Engagement: Capturing the perfect reaction to a surprise proposal!

She's your lobster!

With each surprise proposal I've done one common thing stands true.


Details Matter

These sessions are planned out with so much thought, love and a genuine nervousness from the very beginning; every time! The day, the moment - the "what will she say?". It's all there and ladies; if your guy has taken the time to plan this moment with this much detail - I'm going to say he's a keeper!

I hear the nerves in the very first stages of planning when I first speak with you, I can feel those butterflies in your stomach right along with you - not because I don't think I can nail your session but because I know how important this is to you and I'm just as excited! - and I appreciate that time is taken to ask me questions; to look at my work and to fall in love with it - to know that this is what your future wife would love too!

Setting Up

With the perfect "easy-to-get-to-but-let's-not-draw-too-much-attention-to spot" chosen; I set up. Usually, a giant heart etched into the sand filled with flower petals. But we talk about this and come up with a scenario that works best for you as a couple.

Not only does this make for a very memorable moment; it makes it easy to find me and for me to find you! No searching about for either of us!

The Art of Hiding

Yes, there is an art into hiding - especially to NOT look like I'm hiding. Chilling out on a blanket a distance back and blending in with the tourists is actually pretty easy in this area.

What's not so easy is keeping spectators away from the set up I've created... but no worries because I can be more territorial than a seagull - even against the kiddos that want to build a sand castle right beside that perfectly formed heart. Did you notice the tiny sand castles in these images? Be sure to check the video at the end - you'll get to see those same kiddos building, playing and see exactly how many people I photoshopped out of these images!

I see each session as a guys' version of planning a wedding.

This is a magical moment they are giving to you.

But wait; I said this was a 'Friends' worthy session... Why? These two happen to be big fans of the hit TV show Friends... they both know that 'she is his lobster'. After this session, even I knew that this was true!

He MADE a ring box with a lobster engraved on it! You guys...for real; my heart! It's the little things that make moments like this even more special!

The Reaction

The moment we've been waiting for! My job.

To capture each emotion - every tear, gasp of excitement, kiss... to capture your real emotions!

Take a look at this moment... look at that look on her face! Tears, joy... ugh - can it be any sweeter and more truer?

Once she has said yes (and we just know she will!) and that ring is on her finger we take in those moments RIGHT after and continue to capture the emotion.

Then it's time to get a little serious - just a little - and capture these two with a little guided posing.

It's time to snuggle, time to play and time for a touch more romance!

Phew - what an adventure!

So. Many. Emotions... We go for one more embrace and then it's time for you to head to the dinner reservations that you made at the top-notch restaurant that I've recommended! An entire evening planned out and prepared for... a night leading up to the rest of your lives as one.

There it is... stress-free, emotion-filled and the truth is:



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